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Vahe Sarukhanyan

Armenian Defense Ministry Evades Specifics on Territorial Losses

It appears that the Armenian Defense Ministry either does not know, or will not reveal, exactly how much of Armenia’s territory is now under Azerbaijani military control.

Here, we’re talking about Armenian territorial losses following last week’s border clashes.

This is the only conclusion to be reached based on the following response given to Hetq by Armenian Ministry of Defense General Secretary Hamlet Batikyan when asked to provide specifics about Armenia territorial losses following the recent border clashes.

“At the moment, necessary information adjustment, collation and analysis work is underway, and the Ministry of Defense will issue regular official messages regarding relevant information and the situation."

We also wanted updated information on the situation in the Vardenis area where Azerbaijani forces occupied at least 3,200 hectares of Armenia in May 2021. Has there been any positional changes since then, we asked.

We also asked about the situation near Sev Litch (Black Lake), in Armenia’s Syunik province (where Azerbaijani forces occupied thirteen square kilometers of territory, including the lake), along the M-2 interstate highway in the country’s southern Syunik province, and in the strategic heights near Ishkhanasar.

Regarding last week’s Azerbaijani attacks on Armenia, on September 16, Chief of the General Staff of Armenia’s Armed Forces, Major General Edward Asryan said Azerbaijani forces had penetrated across the border in several directions, including up to 7.5 km. deep in the direction of Jermuk, 1-1.5 km in the directions of Verin Shorzha and Nerkin Hand, and 0.5 km in the direction of Ishkhanasar.

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