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Artsakh Doctors Consulting with Collegues in Armenia

Artsakh Ministry of Health Spokesperson Angelina Isakhanyan tells Hetq that the country’s medical centers still have an ample supply of medicine to treat patients, but new shipments have been halted due to the closure of the Lachin Corridor.

Isakhanyan says there are eleven patients in the intensive care unit at the Republican Medical Center in Stepanakert, four of which are in critical condition.

Ten children are in the intensive care unit at the Arevik Medical Unit, one of which in critical condition

Isakhanyan says doctors in Artsakh are consulting online with their colleagues in Armenia and that the five critically ill patients might have to be transferred to Armenia.

One cardiac patient has already been transported from Artsakh to a medical center in Yerevan via the Lachin Corridor with Red Cross assistance.

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