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Trdat Musheghyan

Turkey Beats Armenia 2-1 in Euro-2024 Qualifier

Turkey beat Armenia 2-1 in yesterday’s Euro-2024 Group D qualifying match in Yerevan.

Orkun Kökçü and Kerem Aktürkoğlu scored for Turkey, and Ozan Kabak mistakenly scored an own goal for Armenia.

The Turkish footballers possessed the ball for 59% of the match. This is how Group D looks after yesterday’s matches that saw Wales snatch a last-gasp draw against Croatia.

UEFA European Championship Qualifying Standings

POS      TEAM     GP   GD  PTS

1           Turkey     1     +1     3

2           Wales     1       0     1

3          Croatia    1       0     1

4           Latvia     0      0     0

5         Armenia   1     -1      0

See match details HERE․

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Hope next time there will be a good luck!

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