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Tatevik Shaljyan

Appeals Court Rejects Petition Filed by Zhamanak Newspaper

The RA Court of Appeals today rejected a suit filed by the newspaper Zhamanak seeking to overturn a lower court verdict obligating the paper to pay the Glendale Hills construction company a total of 200,000AMD in compensatory damages and 300,000 for incurred legal fees.

Glendale Hills sued the paper for 2.5 million AMD over an August 26, 2010 article

The company argued that Zhamanak slandered the company's name and reputation by reporting that apartments built by the company in Gyumri for families left homeless by the 1988 earthquake were of poor quality and that residents were issuing complaints.

Glendale Hills also rejects the paper's allegation that it offered up to $1,000 in hush money to residents to keep quiet about the defects.

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