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Trdat Musheghyan

Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Fined Based on Hetq Article

Armenia’s Anti-Corruption Commission has fined Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Director of Rescue Service Kamo Tsutsulyan 200,000 drams (US$517) for submitting incomplete data in his 2021 annual property and income declaration.

The Commission based its decision on a January 2023 Hetq article revealing that Tsutsulyan failed to disclose his 67% ownership of Kentsaghspasarkum LLC.

Tsutsulyan, who failed to appear before the Commission citing a work overload, provided a statement that the discrepancy was due to "a flaw in the filling order and the result of ignorance of the filling order."

Tsutsulyan also did not submit information about handing over some of his properties to trust management.

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