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Rima Grigoryan

Azerbaijani Soldier Admits to Killing of Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine Employee

Today, when Husein Akhundov, one of the two Azerbaijani servicemen who illegally crossed the Armenian border on April 7, was brought to the courtroom of Syunik’s Court of First Instance a loud cry was heard from the viewing hall.

Ani Meliksetyan, the daughter of Hayrapet Meliksetyan, an employee of the Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine that Akhundov has confessed to killing, threw her phone at the accused.

She missed her intended target and promised to remain calm.

During the trial, journalists and other non-parties were allowed to participate only in the preliminary hearings. At the request of the public prosecutor, the main hearings were held behind closed doors, as information related to state secrets could be revealed during the investigation. Only family members of the victim were allowed inside.

Judge Napoleon Ohanyan decided that the period of Akhundov’s detention would be extended for three months. None of the parties, including the defendant, objected.

Public prosecutor Movses Antonyan said Meliksetyan’s body was found riddled with bullets fired from an AK-74 type assault rifle, the weapon carries by Azerbaijani servicemen Husein Akhudov and Agshin Babirov.

After the end of the main proceedings, Karen Alaverdyan, the Melikstetyan family’s lawyer, told Hetq that the case should end soon given that Akhundov today admitted his guilt.

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