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Tatevik Shaljyan

Ijevan Road Construction Appeals for Greater Slander Damages from Reporter

Today, the RA Court of Appeals reviewed the petition of the Ijevan Road Construction Company which is seeking a greater award in compensatory damages from the Ijevan Studio TV station and reporter Nayira Khachikyan.

The Ijevan Road Construction Company had sued the TV station and reporter from a program that was broadcast last year alleging that it was slanderous in nature. The program dealt with dubious practices of the company in a 36 million AMD road repair project.

A lower court partially found in favour of the company, obligating the reporter to pay 50,000 AMD in damages to Ijevan Road Construction.

Ijevan Construction is now appealing for 2 million in damages and a public apology.

Given that neither side showed up at today’s hearing, the court will hand down its decision on July 4.

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