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Daughter of Vagif Khachatryan, Detained by Azerbaijani Border Guards, Pleads for His Return

The daughter of Vagif Khachatryan, who was detained by Azerbaijan border guards on July 29 along the Lachin Corridor, told reporters today outside the UN office in Yerevan to spread the news about her father’s illegal abduction.

"Today, you are my hope. Please don't leave me alone. Be my father, mother, sister, brother. Please, dear compatriots, do not leave me alone in this pain, this is not only my pain. Vagif Khachatryan is the image of the entire Armenian people. Artsakh and Armenia are in Azerbaijan," Vera Khachatryan pleaded.

Azerbaijani border guards detained 68-year-old Artsakh citizen Vagif Khachatryan as he was being transferred to Armenia via the Lachin Corridor for medical treatment.

He was part of a larger group of individuals travelling to Armenia under the auspices of the International Red Cross (IRC).

Vera Khachatryan said family members haven’t been able to contact Vagif Khachatryan. They only know he’s been taken to a Baku hospital.

"I ask each of you to put yourself in my place, in the place of my sisters. We are three sisters. We don't have a brother, but now I consider each of you my brother and I am asking you to help us get my father back. I don't know how and who to turn to, Azerbaijan presents facts that do not correspond to reality," said Vera Khachatryan.

She refuted Azerbaijani allegations that her father was a member of an Armenian armed group that committed ethnic cleansing in Karabakh’s Khojaly region in December 1991.

Khachatryan told reporters that she will stage a similar protest outside the International Red Cross office in Yerevan.


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Worthless government in Armenia

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