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Yerevan Mayoral Candidate Says Opposition Win Can Trigger Nationwide Power Shift

Mane Tandilyan, a former Armenian Minster of Labor and Social Affairs now heading the ballot of the Aprelou Yerkir (Country of Living) party in the September 17 Yerevan municipal council election, says the election is the first step to achieve regime change in Armenia.

Tandilyan, who founded the party in 2021, told Hetq that if those opposed to PM Nikol Pashinyan can win the municipal election it will trigger a nationwide change oif government movement.

“Transitional, democratic change of power is the most important component for development," Tandilyan says.

She says her party, that has the backing of former Artsakh Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan, will cooperate with all parties except Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party.

Pashinyan’s My Step (Im Kayl) alliance dominates the current Yerevan council with fifty-seven out of sixty-five seats. 

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