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Two Artsakh Brothers: Killed Same Day, Buried Together

We ask the gravedigger where they will bury the dead children from Artsakh, the two brothers.

"Here," he points to a grave in a cemetery in the town of Masis in Armenia's Ararat Province.

The children's relatives wanted to bury them together, in one pit.

Eight-year-old Nver and ten-year-old Mikael Ghazaryan, killed on September 19 in Artsakh’s Sarnaghbyur village, are being laid to rest.

Nver and Mikayel were killed when Azerbaijani forces shelled the village during their assault on Artsakh. The body of Mikael was brought out the day of the attack. They searched for little Nver for several days. On September 23, the bodies of four civilians were evacuated from Sarnaghbyur. Among them was Never’s body.

As a result of the Azerbaijani attack on September 19, 5 civilians were killed in Sarnaghbyur village of Artsakh, 3 of whom were children.

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