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Armen Mirzoyan

Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Turkey and Iran to Meet at Regional Conclave

The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Turkey and Iran are scheduled to meet in Tehran today at the second session of the 3+3 South Caucasus cooperation platform.

Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reports the meeting will address the issues of the South Caucasus region, peace talks between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the need to expand regional cooperation in political, economic, security, transit and energy fields.

Yesterday, the Armenian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Ararat Mirzoyan would attend today's conclave, adding that bilateral meetings between the parties are also scheduled.

The deputy ministers of the five countries first met in Moscow in December 2021. Georgia has boycotted the platform, initiated by Turkey, citing the participation of Russia.

Today, on October 23, the meeting of the platform in the "3+3" format is planned in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This time, like last time, it will be in "3+2" format, because Georgia again refused to participate in the match. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkey confirmed their participation in the meeting. Unlike the Moscow meeting, which was held at the level of deputy foreign ministers, this time it is at the level of heads of foreign political departments.
The Iranian IRNA agency reports that the foreign ministers intend to discuss the latest developments in the South Caucasus, as well as issues of regional cooperation in the field of security. The agency considers the peace negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia to be the main point of the agenda.
It should be reminded that yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia issued a statement stating that Ararat Mirzoyan will participate in the meeting of the regional consultation platform ("3+3") in Tehran. "During the visit, bilateral meetings are also planned," the press service of the MFA noted.
As last time, this time too Georgia refuses to participate in the meeting of the platform. The reason is Russia, because the latter continues to occupy the Georgian territories (Abkhazia and South Ossetia). "Georgia has never participated in the activities in that format and will not participate on October 23 either," said the statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced the intention to create the "3+3" format earlier.
From the beginning, it was planned that Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Iran and Russia would join it if the format was created. It has set itself the task of unblocking communication and economic ties and regional security in the South Caucasus.
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