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Armen Mirzoyan

Indian Company to Supply Armenia with Howitzers

Indian multinational Baharat Forge has confirmed that it will supply Armenia with MArG 155 self-propelled howitzers.

"Bharat Forge, the leading manufacturer of artillery systems in India, has confirmed that its recently introduced MArG 155 self-propelled howitzers are intended for Armenia. This is an important milestone in India's efforts to export its defense equipment to international partners," the company is quoted as saying according to the Indian Defense Research Wing news outlet.

The outlet writes that India is becoming the main supplier of defense equipment to Armenia, noting that in 2020 Armenia acquired four mobile Swathi radar systems from India, and in September 2022, an agreement was signed for the purchase of Pinaka rocket systems, anti-tank missiles and other weapons, at a $245 million price tag.

On November 14, Indian Aerospace Defense News (IADN) reported that Munitions India Limited will deliver some 150,000 30 mm and 40 mm grenades to Armenia, adding that two months ago the company supplied five million 7.62 mm bullets to Armenia.

On November 7, EurAsian Times reported that Armenia signed a $41.5 million anti-drone systems supply contract with the Indian company Zen Technologies.

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