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“V&M” Armenian Brandy – “Armenia Wine” Company's Unique Offer to the Armenian Consumer

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After 15 years of being in the Armenian and world market, and occupying leading positions, the Armenia Wine company will finally present  the long awaited brandy, which will become a unique sample to be proud of and introduce Armenia in a new way to the whole world.

“V&M” is the name of the masterpiece of brandy art, which is a manifestation of unconditional love, devotion, honesty, and care for the homeland  of the Vardanyan and Mkrtchyan families, the founders of the “Armenia Wine” Company.

This noble drink is a true lyrical ballad, created from the fusion of the best traditions of Armenian and French brandy production and the harvest of the Armenian terroir.

-“V&M brandy combines all the taste and aromatic characteristics of the Armenian terroir, harmoniously mixed with French technologies. An important and decisive point is the aging of Armenian brandy in French oak barrels of 80-100 years. What we have achieved as a result of our 10 years of dedicated work is reminiscent of a brilliant symphony of flavors and aromas,” -mentions the company’s French consultant, brandy maker Olivier Chapt, who has been leading the creation process “V&M” brandy for many years.

From the very first days of its activity, the most important mission of the “Armenia Wine” company was to present Armenian culture and history to the world through aromas and tastes. Having set a high bar in winemaking, the company now begins an exclusive period of production of Armenian brandy, telling the world about Armenia through its aroma.

-“This noble drink results from constant love, honesty, care, and patience, aged for 10 years to the brilliant melody of the world-famous Armenian composer Aram Khachaturyan. Merging with the pages of Armenian heritage, V&M brandy has become a classic symphony with the enchanting aromas of brandy. The presentation of this art piece could only take place in the house of high art - the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater,” -tells the company’s commercial director Kristine Vardanyan, adding,-“V&M brandy has become the basis of long-term cooperation between the Armenia Wine Company and the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

As part of the cooperation, on November 25, at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater will be a presentation of handcrafted brandy “V&M”. On this day, for the first time, the Armenian consumer will have chance to enjoy the result of 10 years of work of the Armenia Wine Company and the ballet Swan Lake.

Having tasted “V&M”, the brandy lovers will not only discover the unique aromatic bouquets of the Armenian terroir but will also hear classic notes of genius composer in every drop. After the presentation 3, 5, 7, and 10-year-old Armenian V&M brandy, it will also be presented at the best retail stores throughout the republic.

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