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Pashinyan Wants Public Debate of European Parliament's Armenia Resolution

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan has welcomed yesterday’s adoption of a special resolution by the European Parliament that calls for closer ties between Yerevan and the European Union.

Pashinyan, at today’s government cabinet session, said the resolution needs to be publicly debated since it would lead to greater ties between Armenia and Europe and place greater strains on Armenia’s relations with Moscow.

Yesterday’s resolution openly welcomed Armenia’s suspending it membership in the Russian-backed CSTO military alliance.

“This is another opportunity to discuss the vision of the future of the Republic of Armenia, and I hope that the political forces of the Republic of Armenia, non-governmental organizations, different layers of society, citizens will express their attitude towards this message from the European Parliament, because such messages need a much wider response than the government or the parliamentary majority,” Pashinyan said.

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Pashinyans will come and go. History will judge them .... A lessen for Armenia: Iranians know through out there rich history that Russia is in no way a reliable ally. There are many examples in the relation between Iran and Russia where Russia acted political more like a “prostitute' than a relatable ally. Given the fact of genocide carried out by Turkey against Armenian people, given the fact of ethnic cleansing orchestrated and carried out by Turkey-Russian-Azerbaijani alliance in Karabakh, as well culture genocide as well other manipulations there : 1-Armenia should in all political stages make EU 100% clear that Armenia had /has and will have to keep its special good and warm relation with Iran, even Armenia it goes much close to EU. No wrong expectations. Armenia could even try to find ways/possibilities to improve US/Iranian relations 2- Armenia should make EU and US from the very first beginning and by every possible means clear, and “stone” the very fact that there was a systematic ethnic cleansing in Karabakh, which has started before 1990s. And forced displaced Armenians of Karabkh are the true owners of this land. This facts should always be communicated to the US, France and Iran.

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