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Reporters Without Borders: 29 Journalists Killed So Far in 2012

So far this year, 29 journalists have been killed in the line of duty according to Reporters Without Borders.

The country-wide breakdown is Somalia (6); Mexico (5); Syria (4); Brazil (3); Bangladesh, India (2); Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand (1).

The organization states that another 27 netizens and citizen journalists have been killed – Syria (26) and Bahrain (1).

162 journalists were imprisoned so far in 2012. Leading the list are Eritrea (31); Iran (30); Uzbekistan (10); Ethopia (7); Turkey (6) and Azerbaijan (5).

129 netizens have been recorded as imprisoned – China (68); Vietnam (18) and Iran (19) lead the pack. 

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