Grisha Balasanyan

Oskanian: "Come and arrest me if I've done anything wrong"

Vardan Oskanian, the Prosperous Party MP facing charges of embezzlement, rose in parliament today and charged Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan with fabricating evidence against him based purely on political motivations.

"If a man isn’t a thief or a swindler, he doesn’t think of concealing his every move," Oskanian declared from the speaker’s podium.

Oskanian, who faces charges of embezzling funds intended for the Civilitas Foundation, presented evidence to the contrary, stating that he had nothing to give to or take from Civilitas.

The former Armenian foreign minister stated that after consulting with the Civiltas board, and contrary to the wishes of the Huntsman family, he transferred funds from his personal accout nt to that of Civilitas two days ago.

"The amounts transferred can be accounted for down to the last penny. You can count it for yourselves," declared Oskanian, adding that he has been deeply insulted by the charges levied against him, rhetorically asking if this is the way they treat a foreign minister with 10 years of service under his belt..

Oskanian stated that he had no need of the money he is to alleged to have embezzled and then threw the gauntlet down to his detractors.

"Come and arrest me if I have done anything wrong. I am ready," Oskanian exclaimed.