Narek Aleksanyan

Dismantling of Proshyan Wall Continues; Yerevan Municipality Says It's Temporary

Workers are continuing to dismantle another unique piece of Yerevan’s architecture – the wall that runs along a section of Proshyan Street.

Today, the section in the vicinity of the Children’s Railway came down, ripped apart by the steel teeth of a bulldozer.

Workers said they didn’t know why they were tearing down the wall and were only following orders. The crew chief told me that only a section abutting the site earmarked for a new building would be dismantled.

Artour Gevorgyan, who heads the Yerevan Municipality’s Public Affairs Unit, assured us that the dismantling was a temporary measure. A construction permit for a multi-residential complex was given to Aviatrans Ltd.

Gevorgyan said the company is obligated to restore the wall after the completion of construction.