Grisha Balasanyan

Armenia's Ambassador to Germany Shares Cash Equally with Wife

Armen Martirosyan, Armenia’s ambassador to Germany since 2009, receives a salary of 48,792 Euros ($65,244) for his diplomatic services. That’s what he declared as reveunue in 2011.

Before becoming ambassador to Germany, Martirosyan also served as the executive director of HayEconomBank in Armenia. In 2011, he also received 142,000 ($348) in stock dividends from the bank.

That same year, Martirosyan declared $52,250 and 42,863 Euros in cash assets.

His wife Anahit Arakelyan declared no revenue for 2011 but did declare $52,250 and 42,863 Euros in cash assets.

It would appear that the ambassador shared whatever he had equally with his wife.