Raffi Hovannisian: "Whether men or women, we have all been impregnated with Armenian hope"

Raffi Hovannisian’s Barevolution took a decidedly festive mood today in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Speakers from the steps of the Opera in Yerevan spoke about the role of women both historically and presently in Armenian society and how they were the backbone of the family and the nation.

Addressing the crowd, Hovannisian said, “Men or women, we have all been impregnated with Armenian hope, faith and belief because there is no retreat.”

The Heritage Party leader declared that between now and April 9, inauguration day for the next president, there would be many changes in the lives of people in Armenia.

Yervand Mangaryan, the noted actor of stage and screen, gave an emotional address stressing the vital role that Armenian play today in keeping families together in these tough economic times and that it was incumbent to remove the present regime from power so that all Armenian families had a chance to lead lives of hope and promise towards the future.

He called for greater participation of women, who make up more than 50% of the population, in all spheres of social, cultural and political life, noting that “we can ill afford to not utilize this vast reserve of talent, energy and knowledge.”

Also addressing the crowd for the first time was Raffi Hovannisian’s wife Armenouhie, who gave an impassioned plea for defending the rights of women in the workplace and the home.

Tomoorow, Raffi Hovannisian will take his Barevolution on the road again travelling to Vardenis, Nartouni, Gavar and Sevan, all in Gegharkouniq Province.

“There’s a shadow of fear hanging over Gagharkouniq, but our people do not accept such intimidation and people like Mr. Liska, the Regional Governor, must resign,” Hovannisian stressed.

A major rally is planned for this Sunday at Freedom Square, at which time Hovannisian promised to make an important announcement.

He said that Serzh Sargsyan would not merely voluntarily step down, but that he would “ask the people” for permission to resign.

 Hovannisian also commented on the statement made by Republic Party MP Galoust Sahakyan who said that Raffi’s dream was to become president of Armenia.

“I don’t know what his dream is, but I will live lon enough to see our country free, independent and united,” Hovannisian said.