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Turkey Officially Freezes Yerevan-Van Flights

Armenian tour agency Narekavank Tour revealed that the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Turkey officially suspended Van-Yerevan direct flights on March 28.

These flights were to be operated by Narekavank Tour, Turkish Borajet Airlines and Ayanis Travel Agency, based in Van.

The main goal of the flight was to develop regional tourism and cultural interactions between people, along with contributing to economic and business cooperation.

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This was very likely due to intense Azerbaijani pressure towards Turkey. Azerbaijan has a very powerful lobby in Turkey, and has practically a say and a veto power in Turkish foreign affairs, in regard to Armenia. Azerbaijan is indeed controlling Turkey via remote control, and the Turks don't dare to offend Azerbaijan.
Well? What the .... was the reason for the suspension? Could you elaborate further?

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