Narek Aleksanyan

Anna Davtyan: 'The Cops told me the Constitution Doesn't Interest Them'

Student activist Anna Davtyan told reporters today how the police prevented her from walking up Baghramyan Street on April 9 with a small group of other young people.

“We were walking when the police stopped me at the traffic light. It was green. The cops let the others cross but told me to stop.

“When I asked them why they had singled me out and how I differed from other citizens, I took out my copy of the RA Constitution. I said that according to the Constitution all citizens, regardless of their political beliefs, are equal before the law. They had nothing to say in return. We stood there for a while. I kept asking why they were restricting my freedom of movement. They were pushing me and saying, ‘You can’t cross the street.’ That was all.

"When I referred to my rights as enshrined in the Constitution, the police told me, ‘You can keep that constitution. It doesn’t interest us.’ That was the extent of their response.”