Grisha Balasanyan

Irate Armavir Apricot Growers Threaten to Block Highway Over Low Prices

As we go to press, residents of Myasnikyan, Khandjyan and several other villages in Armavir Province have gathered on the main Armavir-Baghramyan and have threatened to block the thoroughfare to voice their indignation over the low prices they are being offered for their apricot crop.

It turns out that a major apricot buyer, the Noyan factory, has been offering farmers 50 AMD per kilo.

Growers are demanding 120 AMD per kilo just to break even. In lieu of this, they have suggested that the government facilitate customs regulations to allow for buyers from Georgia to purchase the crop.

Myasnikyan Mayor Andranik Petrosyan told Hetq that he has informed Armavir Provincial Governor Ashot Ghahramanyan about the issue. Petrosyan claims the matter has reached the desk of Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

Mayor Petrosyan says that the 50 AMD being offered merely covers labor costs of the growers.

Petrosyan adds that he was somehow able to dissuade residents from blocking the road until he hears the response of the government.

“I told them to wait. Let’s see what happens,” he said.

Khandjyan Mayor Samvel Avagyan told Hetq that the only resolution is to allow for the exportation of the crop. He says that this year, contrary to years past, no Georgian buyers have visited the village.

The Georgians pay better prices that the factories. If they were allowed to come and buy, the problem would be resolved to a certain degree,” said Avagyan.