Grisha Balasanyan

"New Times" Party Prez: Threat of a New Regional War is Growing

New Times political party President Aram Karapetyan says that Russian-Armenian relations have soured of late even though he sees no overt anti-Armenian policies emanating from Moscow.

Karapetyan says the reason is that Moscow is implementing an incomprehensible set of policies in the Caucasus and that, on the other hand, the authorities in Armenia are still enacting the absurd foreign strategy of “both Europe and Russia”.

Commenting on the overtly passive response  of Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs  on the matter, Karapetyan said, “It’s hard for me to comment regarding the stance of an institution that really doesn’t exist in definition.”   

At a press conference today, Karapetyan condemned Russian law enforcement authorities for their despicable and inhumane act of dressing up Hrachya Haroutyunyan, a truck driver charged with causing the deaths of 18 people, in a woman’s housecoat before appearing in a Russian court the other day.

While Karapetyan doesn’t believe the Haroutyunyan affair will cause a new clash in relations between Armenia and Russia, he says it does show that the threat of a new war breaking out in the region is growing.