Zaruhi Mejlumyan

11,000 Sign Petition to Revoke Detention of Vardan Petrosyan

11,000 people in Armenia have signed a petition calling on authorities to replace the two month pre-trial detention of Vardan Petrosyan with some type of bail arrangement.

That document was today delivered to the Kotayk prosecutor’s Office by Petrosyan’s lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan. He was accompanied by RA Meritorious Artist Karineh Djandjougazyan and the painter Zarouhie Mouradyan.

Petrosyan, an actor will know for his stage performances lampooning Armenian official and segments of society, was recently involved in a car accident that caused the death of two passengers in another vehicle.

Scores of prominent individuals in the arts and sciences have declared that they would act as third party guarantors for Petrosyan in the lead-up to any court proceedings regarding the accident.