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Larisa Paremuzyan

Der-Boghossian Trial Continues: Film Shows Physical Abuse

The trial of Serob Der-Boghossian, an American-Armenian businessman charged with having sex with minors, continued today at the Vanadzor Court.

5 alleged victims showed up and three testified in court. The minors were accompanied by their parents.

Reports were warned by court bailiffs not to photograph the minors.

After the one and a half hour session was over, Prosecutor Aram Amirzadyan told reporters that the mother of one of the minors who testified wasn't aware that her boy had sexual relations with Der-Boghossian.

Amirzadyan said that during the pre-trial investigation the parents stated that they had no idea about what the boys were involved in.

At the time of the alleged sexual acts, all the boys were minors but now some are legally considered adults. Of the three who testified today, just one is an adult. The others gave their statements in the presence of a pedagogue.

As to the video tape, the prime piece of evidence against Der-Boghossian, one of the boys is to have said that, "When I asked Serob why he was filming these things, he answered that he was doing it for personal reasons."

Prosecutor Amirzadyan also told reporters that the film shows Der-Boghossian using physical force with the minors, but that he didn't think it appropriate to go into details.

Hetq asked the prosecutor if he thought that Der-Boghossian filmed the proceedings for eventual use in the "porno" business.

"I wouldn't say so but it was an angle we looked at in the pre-trial investigation. The man filmed it all for his personal pleasure or perhaps as a blackmail tool to keep the boys under his control."

Throughout today's trial Der-Boghossian is reported to have remained calm and unaffected by the testimony of the boys.

Prosecutor Amirzadyan said that he was satisfied with the way the trial against Der-Boghossian is going and that his office has invested the time and effort to see that the court finds the businessman guilty as charged.

The next trial date has been scheduled for August 30.