Grisha Balasanyan

MP Bagratyan: Kiev Protests Could Happen in Armenia

During today’s Armenian parliamentary debate regarding the merits of forming an ad-hoc committee to investigate the events of March 1, 2008, in which ten people were killed, ANC MP Hrand Bagratyan exclaimed that had the killers been prosecuted the recent tragic events in Kiev wouldn’t have taken place.

MP Gagik Jahangiryan, the main backer of the initiative, responded that he doesn’t see a connection between the two since the protests in the Ukraine capital had taken on an anti-Russian overtone.

Bagratyan retorted that events in Kiev didn’t have an anti-Russian orientation and that protesters had simply expressed the will of the people.

“People in Armenia also have the right to have a just government and I believe what happened in Kiev can happen here,” Bagratyan said.

Jahangiryan responded that there can be several viewpoints on the matter.

“I am not an expert on events in the Kiev maidan. You frequently travel to Ukraine and probably are more informed,” Jahangiryan said.