Mаry Mamyan

Armenian TV Soaps Hypnotize Viewers

During a press conference today on TV soap operas in Armenia and their effect on viewers, Zhirayr Dadasyan, Director of the State Pantomime Theater and Deputy Director of the State TV and Radio Commission, stated that while the genre is an accepted one with a place on the TV dial, there are issues related to content that must be addressed.

Dadasyan stated that the genre has its specific rules but that they are being violated in Armenia.

“TV soaps directly resemble a sort of hypnosis,” said Ruben Babayan, who touts himself as a dance psychologist and someone possessing “extra-sensory” powers.

Babayan said that negative influences not only exist in the soaps buy throughout TV programs in Armenia in general.

He argued that TV soaps convey thoughts that directly infiltrate into the viewers’ subconscious mind, making them more receptive to outside control.

“The soaps even result in a zombification of the viewer,” said Babayan.

Dadasyan argued that the TV audience is being force-fed such programming and that viewers would gladly watch better quality broadcasts if given the chance.

He said that actors accept roles in the soaps for the money and that often script writers are individuals who have only read one or two books in their entire lives.

Dadasyan said it was a national tragedy that the “rabiz” mentality had infiltrated TV programming and supported a ban on such manifestations of vulgar street language and behavior.