Raffi Hovannesian - We Will Wait Till December 9 for Artsakh Vote

Envokes the name of "Msho Sultan Sourb Karapet" as guiding force Yesterday, the RA National Assembly was to have held discussions regarding a bill presented by the Heritage Party regarding Armenia’s official recognition of the Armenian Republic of Artsakh. Parkiament speaker Hovik Abrahamyan introduced the measure. This was immediately followed by a statement of the three ruling coalition parties (HHK, BHK, OYK) declaring that they would not participate in any such vote. The statement was read on the NA floor by HHK faction head Galoust Sahakyan. Raffi Hovannesian, chairman of the Heritage Party, then took the floor in response. MP Hovannesian declared that the vote was a moment of truth for individual MP’s and as a united force. "Yesterday, in consulations with the parliament speaker, our coalition partners proposed that we wait a bit given the upcoming negotiations in Astana. Now I declare that it is highly unlikely that anything will change either before or after Astana. Something needs to change here, within us. Now, if the majority needs a bit more time, we aren’t opposed to it. We agree to delay our moment of truth till the next four-day sitting on December 9," said Hovannesian. The Heritage Party leader said that by passing the bill on December 9, the National Assembly would be opening a new chapter in the annals of the parliament and nation’s foreign policy, since the next day, December 10, would mark the 19th anniversary of the referendum on Artsakh’s independence. Hovannesian urged that Artsakh, Armenia and the diaspora intensify its efforts to achieve international recognition of the ARA by the 20th anniversary of the referendum. He finished his remarks by envoking the name of one of western Armenia's most famous monasteries – Until September 9, Let us be guided by ‘Msho Sultan Sourb Karapet'.