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Ani Hovhannisyan

Husband Gets 10 Years for Murdering Zaruhie Petrosyan

Yanis Sarkisov, the man charged with the murder of Zaruhie Petrosyan, was found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

Sarkisov, the estranged husband of Zaruhie Petrosyan, was found guilty of “Infliction of wilful heavy damage to health, via negligence” a crime punishable with a sentence of 5 to 10 years.

After hearing the verdict read out by Judge Tatoul Poghosyan, Sarkisov started to curse in the courtroom. A friend of Sarkisov said they would be appealing the verdict.

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[email protected] erexana, vonca aprelu en [email protected] vortex spanel en ira [email protected]??? Ho et [email protected] esh chi?? chem haskanum, vonca et takanqin erexa vstahel?? Gone hajoxvi et erexun azatel et vayrenineri dzerqic te che ov giti [email protected] myus or et xexch puchurin el cecelov chspanen...
Areg - I agree. 10 years is not enough. What should such kind of man do when he comes out?
Excellent news! This is exactly why it's important to keep making noise and demand justice.
Mahapatija hasnum es mardun, isk morn el varela petk vor senc luys ashxar berel u dastiarakel nman kerp

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