Marine Martirosyan

2010 - 2014 Events/Parties at Garni and Zvartnots Rake in $37,500 for Government

After the news broke that a corporate party had been organized at the Zvartnots Historical-Cultural Museum-Reservation, Hetq sent a written inquiry to the Ministry of Culture’s Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservations (SNCO).

We wanted to know how many events had taken place at historical-cultural sites in Armenia, who were the organizers, and the rental fees they paid to the ministry.

Marineh Avanesyan, the deputy public affairs officer at the Service, provided the following information as to which organizations held events and at what historical-cultural sites in Armenia from 2010 to 2014.

2010 – Hyur Service Ltd., Amistad Tour Ltd. and Mediakrat Ltd held events at Garni

2011 – The Armenian Representation of Takeda Austria GMBH held an event each in Garni and Zvartnots; Armenia’s Central Bank (Garni); Elitar Ltd. (Garni); Mediakrat Ltd. (Garni); Bis Art CJSC (Zvartnots); Five Stars Travel Ltd. (Zvartnots); Sharm Holding Ltd. (Zvartnots).

2012 – Armenia’s Central Bank (Garni); Modd Events Ltd. (Garni); Amistad Tour Ltd. (Garni); Etchmiadzin Municipality (Zvartnots); Rumea Ltd. (Zvartnots).

2013 – Nueva Vista Ltd. (Garni); Armenia Travel Ltd. (Garni); Five Star Travel (Zvartnots); Modd Events (Zvartnots); Elitar Ltd. (Zvartnots).

2014 – MLL Industries Ltd. (Garni), Armenia’s Central Bank (Garni); Elitar Ltd. (Zvartnots); Camp Ventures CJSC (Zvartnots).

Avanesyan writes that 15.314 million AMD (US$37,500) in lease fees were paid to the government for the above events, and that 3.5 million was paid as VAT and income tax.

Avanesyan wrote that she could not specify what each organization paid because it was a “commercial secret” as stipulated by the contracts signed between the organizers and the Protection Service.