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Special Forces Unit "Snatches" Yerevan Street Art Activist for Questioning

A group of 10-15 red beret “special forces” swopped down on Counter Strike street art group member Artak Gevorgyan earlier this evening on a Yerevan street and pushed him into a waiting car where the young activist was later handcuffed and questioned under duress.

Gevorgyan had just left a street exhibition by photographer Narek Aleksayan when three vehicles pulled up and surrounded his motorbike.

Without any explanation the red berets grabbed Gevorgyan off the street and took him to the central Yerevan police station where he was questioned for three hours.

The police wanted to know who had stenciled graffiti on the street.

Gevorgyan told Hetq that when he asked the police to loosen his handcuffs a bit, since they were cutting into his wrists, the cops merely tightened them.

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For many in the police force, it is simply fun to see the average citizen end up as a plaything in their hands. Its all about power, that has gone straight to their heads. So, why wouldn't they tighten the handcuffs ?? After all, they enjoy to see you in pain.

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