Larisa Paremuzyan

Tensions Flare at Ongoing Der Boghossian Sex Trial

Heightened tensions were in the air at yesterday’s ongoing trial of Serop Der-Boghossian, American-Armenian businessman and owner of Metal Prince Ltd, indicted on paedophilia charges.

Two witnesses, one now serving in the Armenian military, gave testimony.

Emotions flared when Vahram Parsadanyan, who had made a statement charging Der-Boghossian with paedophilia to Armenia’s National Security Service, took the witness stand.

Reporters in the waiting room outside could hear the heated exchanges taking place inside between the defense and prosecution attorneys.

When asked about the flare-ups, Prosecutor Aram Amirzadyan told reporters that he was only trying to maintain objectivity in the courtroom.

Reporters also heard the witness allege that homosexual acts had been going on in Akhtatla in the past as well.

When asked if this might lead to other individuals being subpoenaed, Prosecutor Amirzadyan answered that it wasn’t likely given the lack of any substantive evidence backing up such a claim.

Vahram Parsadanyan, who works at the mining facility owned by the accused Der-Boghossian, told Hetq after the trial that he feared being laid off due to his testimony.

“The judge told me I could take the company to court if I get sacked,” he said.

Parsadanyan denied accusations that he had blackmailed Der-Boghossian and had demanded money for the return of video tapes showing the middle aged businessman engaging in homosexual acts with minors.