Kristine Aghalaryan

Armenia’s Potato Trade: Import from Holland, Export to Georgia

Over the last two years, Armenia’s potato exports have risen considerably.

According to figures provided by the National Statistical Service, 2013 saw the largest amount of potato exports since 2007.

That year the country exported 23,500 tons of spuds at a value of US$6.6 million.

Figures for 2014 haven’t changes all that much. From January to November 21,000 tons were exported ($4.6 million)

How many potatoes has Armenia exported? (tons)

Prior to 2010, Armenia exported potatoes only to Georgia and Russia. Afterwards, the export market expanded to Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. In 2013, Iraq was the largest importer of Armenian potatoes at 5,000 tons. Nevertheless, Georgia remains the main market for Armenian potatoes.

Armenia’s Potato Exports (in tons)

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More Exports than Imports

Until two years ago, Armenia was importing more potatoes than exporting.  From 2007 until now Armenia has exported 60,000 tons of potatoes and has imported 38,000 tons.

How many potatoes has Armenia imported? (tons)

Since 2007, most of Armenia’s imports have come from Holland. Large amounts have also come from Georgia, Iran and Germany. In 2013, potatoes were also imported from an “Unknown Country” not specified by the National Statistical Service.

Armenia’s Potato Imports (tons)

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