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Knar Babayan

Movement 88 MP - 'Too Early to Say If We'll be Part of the Opposition in Artsakh'

Garnering 6.93% of the vote, according to preliminary results, in yesterday’s legislative election in Artsakh, the Zharzhoum 88 (Movement 88) will have two MPs in the next parliament.

Vitali Balasanyan, one of the two, told Hetq that the party should have won enough votes for five seats in the legislature but that the people have spoken and that the party must move forward.

“Every nation deserves who it has voted for. As to what extent the new parliament will justify the expectations of the people here, only time will tell,” said Balasanyan.

The first priority of the new parliament, he said, would be to transform the institution into a serious political body.

“Also at the top of the agenda is to ensure that Karabakh participates in negotiations regarding a settlement of the Artsakh issue and the drafting of a inter-governmental treaty between Armenia and Artsakh in which Yerevan guarantees the security of our people and our territorial integrity,” Balasanyan said.

The MP added that his party always regarded itself as a “non-ruling” party but that it was too early to say if it would declare itself part of the opposition.

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