Seda Hergnyan

Armenia Will End 2015 with $4.9 Billion in National Debt

Armenia’s national debt at the end of 2014, according to the National Statistical Service, stood at more than US$4.4 billion, of which $3.7 billion was external debt.

As of the end of April 2015, the country’s external debt was $3.9 billion.

$3.5 billon is listed as “government” debt and $440 million as Central Bank debt.

Armenia’s Ministry of Finance estimates that Armenia will end 2015 with $4.9 billion in national debt.

2014 ended with $4.4 billion in national debt and a GDP of $10.9 billion. Thus national debt comprised 40.4% of Armenia’s GDP.

In 2004, Armenia’s national debt stood at US$957 million.