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The Voice of Armenia’s New Generation – Three Steps to Changing Armenia

Ani Gevorgyan 

Hetq asked young people participating in the Yerevan street protest against the electricity rate hike to name the three steps needed to change the country. Here’s what they had to say.

Mariam Gyozalyan (18): First, the exodus from the country must be halted. Then, we must struggle till the end and be united. I believe that undoubtedly we can effect change this way.

Rouben Nikoghosyan (20): To change anything in the country, we must first change education. It’s the most important. Afterwards, people themselves must create an environment of justice. Then, they must struggle.

Davit Selimyan (19): I believe there is only one step needed to change the country. First, an active society must be formed. This, on its own, will lead to the solution of all problems.

Narineh Poghosyan (25): First, there must be generational change. A healthy mindset must be shaped in order that we overcome our slave mentality and fears. Third, we must make sure that legality takes precedence.

Armineh Soukiasyan (17): We require regime change. Then, people’s mentality must change. Finally, Armenia will change when the police department becomes a more humane institution.

Anna Hovsepyan (19): First, there must be the unity of the people. Second, there must be equality between the government and people. Third, there must be respect for others in our society.

Anahit Ghazaryan (22): Serzh and his gang must be removed. That’s the first thing. Then, we must remove nepotism and effect change in the education system.

Melineh Gasparyan (20): The first step to change Armenia is regime change. Then, we must be able to operate the electoral system in such a way that we can elect our government. In addition, school pupils must be instructed to be citizens of an independent country.

Vahan Kostanyan (20): We must first compile a road map as to how to organize change. Later, the envisaged changes must be circulated not only in Yerevan but in the provinces. Third, the role of young people must be elevated, especially the boys, because today girls are much more active in the struggle.

Soseh Minasyan (18): To change Armenia more jobs are needed. Skepticism of the young generation must be gotten rid of. Naturally, we also require unity of the people.

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Անսահման սէր ունիմ նոր սերնդի այս պայծառ երեխէքին հանդէպ: Կեցցէ՛ք:
These young generation are the back bone of future Armenia. They should be treated with dignity and honor. May God bless them all.

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