Narek Aleksanyan

Yerevan Protest Birthday Boy: "I am ready, with these young people, to build a flourishing country"

The friends of Michael Sarukhanyan, who is participating in the Yerevan street protest against an electricity rate hike, had a surprise for him last night.

It was his birthday. They brought a birthday cake to the protest and celebrated.

After the photo went viral, Michael posted the following on Facebook:

“I am thankful for the wonderful photo and to my friends who thought of such an idea, to celebrate my birthday in the thick of the struggle. I thank my Armenians for their congratulations. I am impressed to the point of wonderment. I am proud that my nation, my country, has such a future in store. There is no higher interest than the national interest. We are all defenders of the national interest. When it comes to the system of social governance, there is no greater voice than the people. The people are the masters of the country. The government is a tool to serve the people. I am ready, hand in hand with these young people, to build a flourishing country, so that we Armenians no longer have a diaspora. Long live that Armenia which is now coming. I love you, my nation and people.”