Seda Hergnyan

$3.175 Million in Precious Metals and Gems in Armenia's Treasury

The total value of precious metals and gems, and items produced from them, in Armenia’s treasury as of January 1, 2015 amounts to 1.502 billion AMD (US$3.175 million) according to Armenia’s Ministry of Finance.

  • Metallic gold   261.6 million drams (14,288 kilograms)
  • Metallic silver  4.8 million drams (26,895 kilograms)
  • Platinum           56.1 million drams (3,024 kilograms)
  • Palladium          13.2 million drams (1,275 kilograms)

The remainder is comprised of precious and semi-precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, cultured pearls, and gold and silver items.

As of January 1, 2014, the total value of these items in the treasury amounted to 1.405 billion AMD and 1.739 billion in 2013.