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Grisha Balasanyan

Company Owned by Brother of Aragatzotn Governor Gets Millions in Construction Contracts

In 2014, Armenia’s government allocated 300 million AMD (US$634,000) to the Aragatzotn Provincial Authority as part of a program to resolve the most pressing issues in the province.

Half of the money, 150 million AMD, wound up be funneled to company owned by the brother of Provincial Governor Sargis Sahakyan.

“Yes yev Na”, a construction company owned by Nairi Sahakyan, got the money in a series of job contracts with the Aragatzotn Provincial Authority.

There was a 31 million AMD job to renovate the school in the village of Verin Bazmaberd; a 66 million contract to renovate the high school in Yeghnik; a 42.5 million job to renovate the village school in Davtashen; and a 10.5 million contract to repair the gym at the Yeghnik School.

Sargis Sahakyan served as the Deputy Governor of Aragatzotn from 2002-2009 and as Governor starting in 2009.

“Yes and Na” were wining big government contracts almost as soon as Sahakyan got the top job.

In 2011, the company won a 103 million AMD road repair contract; a 156.5 million job to renovate a high school in Aragatzavan; and a 76.5 million school repair job in Kayk.

Hetq has written to Governor Sargis Sahakyan on several occasions, asking that he provide information regarding state financed construction contracts.

Sahakyan has always refused, claiming that sufficient information is available at the Aragatzotn Province website.

The website in question has very little information to offer. Thus, Hetq has gone to the courts to obtain the information on these contracts.

Photo: Governor Sargis Sahakyan

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