Zaruhi Mejlumyan

Hayk Kyureghyan Ends 26 Day Prison Hunger Strike

Hayk Kyureghyan, sentenced to nine years for discharging an air pistol towards police, today ended his 26 day protest hunger strike.

Kyureghyan went on hunger strike to demand that he be house with non-smoking inmates

Gor Dlechyan, press spokesman for Armenia’s Department of Corrections, told Hetq that Kyureghyan was under medical supervision given that his health had deteriorated during the hunger strike.

When asked if Kyureghyan’s demand was to be met, Dlechyan responded that all necessary conditions would be provided.

Just a few days ago Hayk Kyureghyan’s father issued a statement that his son’s life was in jeopardy due to failing health.

Kyureghyan, who had always displayed contempt towards the courts in Armenia during his trial, was sentenced to nine years on September 15.