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Yerevan Street Peddler Margo: “I make $2 on a good day”

By Ani Gevorgyan

Margo Mouradyan, 73, has been peddling her meager wares on Yerevan’s Khorenatsi Street for the past twenty years.

Today, she’s only selling lemons. She has no money to buy anything else for resale.

The former owner of the apartment Mouradyan now lives in says she never paid him the full purchase price and is demanding 475,000 ($972) in arrears. He first went to the police and then the courts. If she doesn’t pay, the court can seize the apartment. Mouradyan disputes the allegation. (Mouradyan sold her former apartment to buy this one)

“I make 1,000 drams a day and they want me to pay 475,000?” exclaims Mouradyan, adding that the house is the only thing she has left to her name.

“I’ve never asked anything from any one. I’ve worked myself,” says Mouradyan.

“I make 1,000 drams ($2) a day at the most.”

“I always take a book or two with me to read on the street.”

“Now, I’m reading a history book. There’s still a lot to learn.”

“They have put a lock on the house, charging me with owing money. It’s a lie.”

“I always bring a scale with me. I make a few hundred drams weighing people.”

“I charge 50 drams for weighing people. Usually, they only pay 20 or they run away without paying.”

“I know they can seize my home at any moment but I can’t just sit inside frightened.”                  

“I’m an old woman but I can’t afford to feel tired. I tow this stroller here with my stuff every day.”

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how can someone help her? please let us know. thank you.

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