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Kristine Aghalaryan

Company Owned by Former Kotayk Governor Wins 34 Million AMD in "Non-Bid" State Contracts

Companies owned by Aram Harutyunyan, commissioner of Armenia’s Water Resources State Commission, continue to win lucrative government contracts in Kotayk Province – all without competitive bids.

In 2015, 470 million AMD (US$986,000) was allocated to programs designed to resolve the most pressing problems in Kotayk Province. 202 million AMD went to fix inter-city roads, 167 million to the health sector, 51 million to renovate schools, and the remainder was to renovate irrigation networks.

Two companies won the road repair contracts – Balahovit-1 Ltd. and Nairi Road Construction OJSC.

Balahovit won 145.2 million AMD in contracts and Nairi, 33.6 million.

Balahovit Ltd. is owned by Roubik Baghdasaryan, who serves as company director.

Nairi Road Construction is 99.9% owned by Aram Harutyunyan. In 2015, the company won a 29 million AMD contract to repair the roads in his native village of Yeghvard and a 5 million deal to do the same in Proshyan.

In 2014, Nairi won a 23 million AMD contract to repair the roads in Yeghvard as well. (I guess the company didn’t do such a good job in 2014, and thus the need for another 29 million in repairs in 2015.)

Aram Harutyunyan, by the way, is the former governor of Kotayk Province. His companies won lucrative government contract back then and continue to do so.

To read up on how Harutyunyan funneled millions in state aid to companies he owned while Kotayk’s head honcho see: Former Kotayk Governor Signed 90 Million AMD in Contracts with Companies He Owned.

To be precise, Harutyunyan channeled 240 million AMD out of 731 million that the government allocated to Kotayk in 2014 targeting local communities and the problems they faced.

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