Diana Ghazaryan

Armenia's Prime Minister Believes Many Would Rather Receive Handouts Than Work

Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, during a critique of the country’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, said that the government had created a sytem in which able-bodied individuals prefer receiving state handouts than working.

He implied that many are simply faking their socio-economic status to get on the government dole.

“Because of this, the number of state social benefits is going up. We are discouraging people to work or to look for work,” the prime minister said.

Karapetyan expressed this sentiment at today’s government cabinet session.

The prime minister said that the labor ministry should not try to solve issues that other government agencies can do better. In his evaluation, Karapetyan noted that the ministry is trying to solve problems in the agricultural, business and education sectors; issues not in its purview.