Diana Ghazaryan

Artur Sargsyan (Bringer of Bread) Refuses Transfer to Civilian Hospital

Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Aram Tatoyan told reporters in Yerevan today that Artur Sargsyan, the man who ferried food to members of the armed Sasna Dzrer group holed up in a Yerevan police station after having seized it last July and presently awaiting trial, has again refused to be transferred to a civilian hospital.

Sargsyan, being held at the Convicts’ Hospital and in failing health, has been on hunger strike for the past 21 days and has refused any type of medical care there.

Tatoyan said that his office staff had visited Sargsyan, urging him to assent to the transfer for proper medical care.

Tatoyan told reporters that his office is in constant contact with the correctional facility and has been told that doctors check in on Sargsyan on a regular basis. 

Photo: Aram Tatoyan