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Edik Baghdasaryan

State Revenue Committee's Disinformation Re: Nareg Hartounian Release

Yesterday, Armenia’s State Revenue Committee released a statement saying that it “had acquiesced to the request of GH Storage Enterprise Founding President Nareg Hartounian and company employees for their mode of detention to be altered and that they be freed under their own recognizance…”

The State Revenue Committee added that by agreeing to do so, “it had offered them the opportunity to more effectively pay their tax debts.”

This statement can only be described as “disinformation”.

First, after six months of examining the case, the State Revenue Committee must have been aware that the founder of GH Storage Enterprises is Nareg’s father Garabed Hartounian.

Second, the State Revenue Committee has no connection with the decision taken to release Nareg and the others.

Third, none of the employees of GH Storage ever made such a request of the State Revenue Committee.

Fourth, the decision to alter the manner of detention and to release Nareg Hartounian under his own recognizance was made by B. Petrosyan, Deputy Head of the RA Prosecutor General Office’s Corruption and Organized Crime Department.

Comments (7)

In a word - a kangaroo court with a bunch of kangaroo judges. Who's supervising these clowns? The answer - more clowns.
Whichever way you look at the decision making and analysis of this situation, something stinks in there. And this stink is a hint of an endemic problem, not a unique instance or 'bad luck'.
Silver Surferian
Nareg and his family would ardently wish that this was one of those cases, Aram ! … Not only they have not made one single dram of any profit on any of their investments, but they have suffered enormous, mind-boggling losses… All they are hoping for now, is to limit said losses (say, by recuperating a minimal proportion of the huge amounts of money they have invested and spent, often without much choice...) … But even that is too much to ask, when you have been dragged, forced into and entrapped into certain type of dealings… And once the sharks smell blood and attack, they don’t really spare any limbs… Ultimate justice shall prevail, though… The decent components of the Armenian State (yes, they do exist) will end up intervening, in order to put an end to the shameful behaviour of some rogue elements … Hang in there, Nareg jan !...
There is a strong belief that if you succeed financially in Hayastan someone with high up connections will snatch it from you. Could this be one of those cases?
pastoren hayerov chenq karoxanum plstal
Փաստորեն ՊԵԿ-ում և մեր իշխանության վերից վար բոլոր օղակներում, որպես կանոն աշխատում են նրանք, ովքեր իրենց գործից բան չեն հասկանում կամ իրենց հանցագործության ակնհայտ բացահայտման դեպքում ձևացնում են թե գործերից անտեղյակ են:

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