Larisa Paremuzyan

Old Man Lado: Quick with the Saw and the Curses

Ladik Yeritsyan is the man with the handsaw in the accompanying photo.

Well into his 80’s, Ladik, as he’s called by residents in his neighbourhood in Alaverdi, is also known to have an irritable temper when crossed.

Ladik gets by in the summer by fishing in the nearby Debed River. During the winter, he grabs his saw and goes around cutting trees and bushes for firewood. He has to keep warm after all.

He picks the best spots to go on his tree cutting spree.

During the past two days, Ladik has hit a bunch of fruit trees growing along the central street in the neighbourhood. Today, the old man was seen cutting down some plum trees outside the local school.

Ladik is hard of hearing. It took local residents some time and effor to get his attention and make him stop sawing.

Yesterday, Ladik made quick work of a sour cherry tree belonging to Roza, another senior citizen living on her own.

Seeing the damage, Roza got incensed and really was itching to confront Ladik.

“He has a foul mouth and can really curse up a storm. He cut down my tree. I want to say something but I’m afraid he’ll curse at me,” Roza said angrily.

The confrontation happened nevertheless.

Lado denied cutting down the tree, but Roza was adamant. She saw the whole thing from her window.

I’d suggest that the Alaverdi Municipality help Lado out with some firewood. Otherwise, other trees in town just might disappear as well.