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Statement from the Editorial Board

On April 13 th at 2:00 a.m., the Armenian Police attacked the peaceful participants at a sit-in on Baghramyan Avenue, and journalists once again became a target of violence. Reporters Haik Gevorgyan and Avetis Babajanyan from the daily newspaper Haykakan Jhamanak were brutally beaten with rubber truncheons. Gevorgyan's still camera was wrested from his hands by Deputy Chief of Police Hovhannes Varyan. Gevorgyan is now in the hospital. Police also brutally beat Levon Grigoryan, a cameraman from the Russian television station ORT, and destroyed his video camera.

It has become clear to us that the law enforcement agencies are using physical violence as a method to intentionally prevent journalists from performing their professional duty. We call upon the Armenian government to stop the violence against journalists, and to bring to justice those who prevented them from performing their professional duty at the rallies of April 5 th and April 12 th and compensate the journalists for the damages incurred.

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