Grisha Balasanyan

Stepanavan Mayor Receives $10K Gift

Someone must love Mikayel Gharakeshishyan, who’s served as the mayor of Lori community Stepanavan for the past five years.

In his financial disclosure filed this year with Armenia’s Ethics Committee, the mayor declared that he had received a gift of US$10,000.

Mikayel Gharakeshishyan, who replaced his brother Sargis as Stepanavan mayor, declared 9 million AMD and $55,000 in cash assets.

As income, the mayor declared his wages of 1.347 AMD, plus the above $10K gift.

He also owns  a Moskvich 21412 and a Lexus LX570.

Before becoming mayor, Gharakeshishyan headed the Stepanavan office of the Lori Province Social Services Agency.