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Five Yerevan University Students Declare Hunger Strike to Protest Draft Deferment Bill

Five Yerevan State University students have gone on hunger strike to protest a government bill that effectively does away with draft deferments.

Davit Petrosyan, who heads the For the Development of Science movement, which has spearheaded recent demonstrations in the Armenian capital, is one of the hunger strikers.

Vahan Kostanyan, who has participated in the protests, told Hetq that the five are staging their hunger strike in the university’s lecture halls

“Four of the five have served in the military. This isn’t a movement of draft dodgers,” Kostanyan said.

University security staffers requested that reporters leave the premises, arguing that they were interrupting classes.

The deferment bill has already been approved by a parliamentary committee, and is scheduled for debate before the entire National Assembly.

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