Edik Baghdasaryan

Ashot Manucharyan recognizes one of his attackers

On April 22, 2004 at about 1:00 in the afternoon, Ashot Manucharyan, a prominent political figure, was the victim of a murderous assault on Tumanyan Street in the center of Yerevan . The police launched an investigation into the severe beating, but suspended it two months later, after investigators from Yerevan 's Kentron district failed to produce any suspects.

Supporters of Ashot Manucharyan have made it clear that they are conducting their own investigation to find those responsible for the assault, and as a result, Manucharyan has been able to identify his attackers. Pictured here is one of these young men. His name is Vrezh. He also took part in the attack on journalists during the April 5, 2004 opposition rally near Cinema Nairi. Since new information has emerged that sheds light on the attack on Ashot Manucharyan, according to the Armenian Criminal Code, the case must be reopened. Look for further details in our upcoming issues.